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ThE Story

RubBEr Duckz

As any inspiring and heartfelt story begins, this one stars a heroine. She doesn’t wear a cape or have supernatural powers, but her selflessness singlehandedly improved peoples lives, and many times helped save them. Her name was Alice.

She was Dani's (MagicMan) mother, Founding Partner and VP of Patient Services at Best Doctors in Boston. She was in charge of connecting patients with the best doctors available to treat their conditions, regardless of their economic background, or if they could afford them. Her life’s mission was simple: help those in need.

One day, Alice came across a yellow rubber duck at a store and bought it for her son, thinking it would be a great companion during his bath time adventures.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-07 at 5.19.35 PM.jpeg

She soon realized that one rubber duck wasn’t enough, the little guy needed some friends of his own, so she decided to get a couple more. Soon enough, a whole flock of ducks were having a party at her house.


She started collecting ducks and even the patients she helped get treatment, realized her affection for the yellow squishy characters, and started gifting her unique ducks as tokens of appreciation. By then, her small collection grew quickly into a large rubber duck family and she became an official collector.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-03 at 12.35_edited.jpg

Her career as a healthcare professional was not without sorrows, becoming personally attached to many amazing people who sadly lost their battles. In fact, Alice was fighting her own personal battle against Pulmonary Fibrosis.


Sadly, Alice, a guardian angel living in earth (as many called her) lost her battle to this disease. She will forever be remembered as a Champion, specially by those fortunate enough to have met her.

One afternoon, during a conversation between PapaDuck and MagicMan about her beautiful life, the Rubber Duck collection was mentioned. What will happen to them? She really loved the little yellowish fellows. MagicMan’s plan was obviously to keep them, but what if we could make them available for everyone who cared enough to have one as their own?

Blockchain and NFTs were the evident solution. We would take them to the Metaverse, where they will live forever in her honor. And yes, they will be available to anyone as any other real life rubber duck. But that won’t be enough, we felt the need to keep helping others just like Alice did throughout her life.


Therefore, we decided to give back. A chunk of the proceeds (US$50,000) will have to go to the Boston Children's Hospital, where she met and cared for many wonderful angels.


Another chunk will go towards helping people in the Dominican Republic get treatment for Pancreatic Cancer, sadly PapaDuck lost his mother to that horrible disease. For personal reasons, the beneficiaries will not be disclosed at this time.

It is imperative that we create a community around Rubber Duckz that is worthy of her efforts, a community of values and above all, purpose.


This is the Official NFT Rubber Ducks collection. Inspired by a heroine, conceptualized by a dreamer, and executed by a team of real, passionate and professional people.


WELCOmE to THE Flock, kEep QUAckinG.

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